Learning from Gideon

Pastor Baker
Text: Judges 6-7, Isaiah 3:1
Learning From Gideon
1.  The Problem: Fearing the gods of the Amorites.
	Judges 6:3-10, Isaiah 31:1
		Bowing to Human Power
2.  Gideon's false conclusions
	Judges 6:11-16
	A.  v13 Trouble means God has bailed
	B. v15 I'm unqualified to make a difference
3.  God's counter-truth
	Judges 6:11-16
	A.  I am with you, PERIOD!
	B.  I see more in you than you do!
	C.  I'm sending you.  That's enough!
4.  The Action: Reverse your defection
	Judges 6:25-27, 30-32 Isaiah 31:6-7
5.  God's empowerment
	Judges 6:34, 7:2-4, 6-7, 9-15, Isaiah 31:3
	A.  My Spirit in you is real power.
	B.  I can build your confidence.
	Isaiah 31:4

Missionary Joel Niles

Missionary Joel Niles
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Who Do You Belong To

Pastor Baker
Text: Romans 7-8
Who Do You Belong To
1.  Bad News
     Question: Is following the Bible enough?
     Romans 7:7-8a, 10-11
     Answer: No, our sinful nature "seizes the opportunity" to break God's Law.
     Question: Are good intentions enough?
     Romans 7:14-25
     Answer: No, our mind wants to obey God's law but our sinful nature makes us POW's.
2.  Good News
	A.  The law of sin can be broken by the law of the Spirit.
   	    Romans 8:1-4
	B.  Living according to the Spirit requires a mindset.
	    Romans 8:5-7, 12-13
	C.  What are the Rewards of the law of the Spirit
		i.  The Spirit witnesses we are God's kids
		    Romans 8:14-16
		ii. The Spirit brings the powers of the Trinity into our prayers.
		    Romans 8:26-27, 34
		iii.We conquer because of God's great love.
		    Romans 8:37-39
		iv. We have died to our old mate.
		We Belong to Jesus! Romans 7:1-2, 4-6

Faith and Worry

Pastor Baker
Text: Matthew 6:25-33
Faith and Worry
	A.  Faith and worry have an inverse relationship Matt. 6:26, 31-32
	B.  Trust you are valuable to a Father who knows you.
	C.  Faith puts God's agenda first.
2.  Mama Tahr Story by Jim Corbett: The Temple Tiger pg. 115-116
3.  Caleb the Kenizzite
	A.  Worry treats God with contempt.  
	B.  Faith isn't limited by earthly fathers.
	C.  Faith follows the Heavenly Father's lead ANYWHERE.
With the Lord with me, I will do it!