3 Wqys To "Do Truth"

Pastor David Baker 
Text: 3 John
1. Love in the Truth.
   3 John 1
   Ephesians 4:14-16
2. Faithfulness to walk in the Truth.
   3 John 3-4
   James 1:21-25
   James 2:19
3. Work together for the Truth.
   3 John 5-8
   Ephesians 4:11-13

Spiritual Work Ethics

Pastor Don Baker 

The April  Fool's Walk

Pastor David Baker 
Q1:What were they fools about?
Luke 24:13-25
1. Maybe Jesus was just a prophet.
   Luke 24:19
2. Giving us hope in a rescuer.
   Luke 24:21a
3. Failing to believe credible
   Luke 24:22-24
4. Are slow to believe scripture.
   Luke 24:25-32
5. Maybe Jesus only rose
   Luke 24:33-43
Q2: What did Jesus want those fools 
    to learn?
Luke 24:44-49
1. The Messiah had to die and rise
   on the third day.
   Luke 24:46
2. Forgiveness of sins in Jesus' name
   will be preached to everyone.
   Luke 24:47
3. You'll be witnesses if you wait
   for the Spirit.
   Luke 24:48-49
Acts 4:8-12

Will We Recognize The Messiah?

Pastor David Baker 
1. Church is a place to encounter and
   praise God not serve itself.
   Matthew 21:6-9
   Luke 19:39-44
   Matthew 21:10-16
2. God wants "sinners" who will believe
   God when He reveals himself.
   Matthew 21:23-27, 28-32
3. God is looking for subcontractors 
   who will produce.
   Matthew 21:33-45
   Psalm 118:20-27
4. God invites anybody who will just
   show up.
   Matthew 22:1-9
5. Will we recognize Jesus or will we
   practice hypocritical religion?
   Matthew 23:33-39
   Matthew 21:9-11