2 Krugers

Pastor David Baker
A.D. 46: On the starting line.
     Acts 12:25; 13:3-5
A.D. 46: A hard fall.
     Acts 13:13; 15:36-38
A.D. 49: Getting back up.
     Acts 15:39-40
A.D. 60: Catching the field.
     Philemon 24
     Colossians 4:10
Early 60s: Taking the lead.
     1 Peter 5:13
A.D. 67/68: Finish the race.
     2 Timothy 4:9-11; 6-8
     Mark 14:43-52
     Will you keep racing?

Who Will Step Up?

Pastor David Baker
Who Will Step Up?
1. When we despair, God says:
   1 Kings 19:13g-18
   A. There are more followers than       you think.
   B. Train an Elisha.
2. When we feel too young, God says:
   2 Timothy 1:5-7; 1:1-2
   A. Continue the chain.
   B. The Spirit answers fear with
      power, love, and self-discipline.
3. When the shoes seem too big,
   God says:
   Joshua 1:1-9; 2:1
   A. My plan extends past one person.
   B. The same God helps you.
   C. The same Word guides you.
   D. But the Kingdom can advance

Advice From The NFL.

Pastor David Baker
Things go better when we share:
1. A common goal.
   Philippians 1:15-18, 27-28, 12
2. A healthy perspective.
   Philippians 2:1-8
3. A common enemy.
   Ephesians 6:12-13
   Philippians 4:2-3
   Galatians 5:14-16, 20b-23
   A common goal - advance the gospel.
   A healthy perspective - Jesus suffered
     the cross.
   A common enemy - Satan, not people.

What About When It Goes Sideways?

Pastor David Baker
Text: Romas 8:26-30
1. Let the spirit pray through us.
   Romans 8:26-27
2. We have been called according to His 
   Romans 8:29-30
   A. Forknew: God can look ahead.
   B. Predestine: God planned for us to be
      in the family.
   C. Call: God invites.
   D. Justify: God makes us clean.
   E. Glorify: God can bring us home.
3. The Philippi Example
   Acts 16:16-24, 25, 26-34
   A. A good day gone bad.
   B. Pray anyway.
   C. The jailer was called according
      to God's purpose.
Romans 8:28-30