What Would Jesus Pray For You?

Pastor David Baker
John 17:20-26
1. Jesus prays we would connect to
   God now.
   John 17:20, 21
   Result:  World would believe
   Jesus is from God.
2. Jesus prays we would live in
   heaven with him.
   John 17:24; 14:2-3
   Result: We see Jesus' glory of
   being completely loved.
3. Jesus would give us the glory of
   being completely unified.
   John 17:22-23
   Result:  World would realize God  
   loves them like He loves Jesus.
4. Jesus would make known God to us.
   John 17:26
   Result: God's love and Jesus'
   presence in us.
John 17:3
   not known - not lived
   not known - loved 
   known - not loved
   Eternal Live - known and loved    

Church Is About Contact With Jesus

Pastor David Baker
Matthew 10:7-8
1. Heal the sick touching Jesus
   changes things!
   Matthew 9:18-22
   Luke 8: 44-47
2. Raise the dead: Jesus' touch 
   brings life!
   Matthew 9:23-26
3. Cleanse the leper:  Jesus' touch
   restores the outcast.
   Matthew 8:1-4
4. Drive out demons:  Jesus' touch
   doesn't fear Satan's influence.
   He defeats it!
   Matthew 8:28-34
   Mark 5:2-5, 15
5. Choosing Matthew:  Jesus calls
   sinners to church leadership.
   Matthew 9:9-13

Why Do We Belong in Church

Pastor David Baker
1. Church actions connect us.
   Acts 2:42
2. Because Jesus is The Priest over
   Hebrews 10:19-25
   A. Church helps us draw near to  
      Hebrews 10:22
   B. Chruch keeps us from swerving.
      Hebrews 10:23
   C. Church spurs us to love and
      do good.
      Hebrews 10:24-25
   D. Church helps us weather
      Hebrews 10:32-35  

Lessons From A Day of Reckoning

Pastor David Baker
1. Piling up things does not secure
   your future.
   Luke 12:13-21
2. Controlling the present does not
   control your destiny.
   Daniel 5:13-30
3. For those who live like there's
   no tomorrow, tomorrow still
   Matthew 24:45-51
   More Money
   Greater Power
   The Next Rush
   Are you ready for a day of